A) Distribution of Voucher, Student Identity Card and Swim Gear
1. What will I receive if I am a successful applicant (“swimmer”) after the results of admission are announced?
  • Swimmers will receive the following after the results of admission are announced:
    • One Set of Swim Gear;
    • Two Vouchers; and
    • One Student Identity Card.
2. When will the above-mentioned documents be distributed?
  • 2023 Summer Intake: mid-April 2023.
    • The above-mentioned documents/ items will be sent to the swimmers’ registered postal address by courier.
    • If you do not receive the above-mentioned documents/ items before 2 May 2023 (Tuesday) or any of the above documents/ items is missing, please contact the Office of Learn to Swim@JC at (852) 2335 0662 immediately.
B) About Swim Gear
1. What is included in the swim gear?
  • Each swim gear includes the following items:
    • One swimsuit;
    • One swim cap;
    • One pair of goggles; and
    • One waterproof bag.
2. Can I change my swimsuit size?
  • No. Swimmers should choose their swimsuit size cautiously when submitting the application. Once the size of the swimsuit is submitted and application is confirmed, the size of the swimsuit cannot be amended.
3. Points to note on redemption
  • Please make sure swimmers have checked all the swim gears after receiving. If there is any damage or missing, please notify the Office of Learn to Swim@JC.
C) About Voucher
1. What are the purposes of the voucher?
  • Swimmers can use two vouchers to enroll in 2 swimming classes (“classes”) for free which are posted on the website of Learn to Swim@JC.
  • The use of vouchers is in no particular order
  • For details about the classes, please refer to Item E. About Swimming Classes or please click HERE
2. Will there be any other fees after the “Swimming Club” (“club”) collects the voucher?
  • No. The class is completely free and there is no additional cost for 2 classes.
3. Can the validity period of the voucher be extended?
  • Voucher can only be used within the validity period (which is shown on the voucher) and it will be invalid after the expiry date.
4. Points to note on the voucher
  • On the day of the first lesson of each class, swimmers must submit the original copy of the voucher to the relevant clubs. Both parties are required to sign to confirm the handover of the voucher.
  • Voucher is non-transferrable and non-saleable to third parties.
  • Please keep the voucher carefully and properly. It will not be re-issued under any circumstances.
  • Voucher is not redeemable for cash and cannot be sold. Swimmers found to have violated the said acts will be disqualified from Learn to Swim@JC.
D) About Student Identity Card
1. What are the purposes of the “Student Identity Card” (“student card”)?
  • Each swimmer will be issued a student card containing a photograph of the swimmer, swimmer’s name and student number after being admitted.
  • Swimmers are required to present their valid student cards to the club each time before the lesson starts. Otherwise, the club reserves the right to refuse swimmers to participate in the lesson.
  • The student card shall remain the property of Learn to Swim@JC.
  • The student card is non-transferable. All swimmers must exercise all due care and attention to prevent the loss of their student card and misuse thereof by any third party.
2. What should I do if my student card is lost or damaged?
  • Loss or damage of student cards has to be reported immediately to the Office of Learn to Swim@JC.
E) About Swimming Classes
1. How many swimming classes are there in total?
  • Each swimmer can enroll in 2 classes (10 lessons per class, 20 lessons in total);
  • One hour per lesson.
2. How do I choose my swimming class?
  • Click “Swimming Class” or please click HERE;
  • Refer to [Swimming Club]/ [District] / [Swimming Pool] to search for the details of the classes;
  • Swimmers are not allowed to transfer to other clubs; or to change or cancel the classes after the swimming classes have been successfully confirmed.
  • Clubs will follow up with swimmers who are absent for two lessons or more via communication software (such as: WhatsApp).
  • Details of Classes of 2023 Summer Intake will be announced on the website of Learn to Swim@JC at 10:00am on 12 April 2023 (Wednesday). Swimmers can enroll in the swimming classes via the website of the Learn to Swim@JC at the same time.
3. Swimming Class Online Enrollment
  • Please click HERE for details.
4. What should I bring to class?
  • Swimmers must present a valid student card to the club for attendance recording every lesson;
  • Swimmers must wear the swimsuit, goggles and swim cap that are provided by Learn to Swim@JC. Swimmers may be refused to participate in the lesson, if they have not worn the swim gear;
  • Swimmers may bring their own towels and slippers if needed. You may also prepare HKD$5 coin for the LCSD locker (if any).
5. Is the coach-swimmer ratio the same for every class?
  • Yes, the coach-swimmer ratio is the same for every class; 1 coach can instruct up to a maximum of 6 swimmers per lesson.
6. What should I do if I need to ask for a leave and schedule a make-up lesson if needed?
  • Each swimmer can have 1 make-up lesson in each of the 2 classes (10 lessons per class).
  • Swimmers must notify the club in advance of any sick leave or personal leave so that the make-up lessons can be arranged.
  • All make-up lessons should be completed within TWO WEEKS after each intake is finished the latest and shall be invalid after the specified date.
  • Swimmers can self-negotiate with the club on the arrangement of the make-up lesson. Swimmers must attend according to the arrangement once the make-up lesson is arranged. No more re-arrangement will be allowed under any circumstances. Absentee of the make-up lesson surrenders their right of the make-up lesson.
7. What is the arrangement during bad weather?
  • For details about the arrangement, please refer to “Bad Weather Arrangement” or please click HERE
  • NO extra make-up lesson will be arranged if the lesson is interrupted or cancelled due to adverse weather (the normal lesson and make-up lesson included).
8. What are the class rules?
  • Please be sure to read the “Notes to Parents” (or please click HERE) carefully before any classes and abide by the class rules.
9. What will I obtain upon completion of the course?
  • Swimmers with an attendance rate of 80% or above (out of 20 lessons) are entitled to:
    • Receive a digital certificate;
    • Enroll in the “Little Swimmer – Fun Experience” (swimmers are also required to successfully complete the swimming assessment and the “Little Swimmer – Online Classroom” activities). Details will be announced in due course.
10. What should I do if I wish to withdraw from the participation in Learn to Swim@JC?
  • If you have decided to voluntarily withdraw from participating Learn to Swim@JC, please print and complete form “Withdrawal Form” (Please click HERE to download the Withdrawal Form);
  • Return Withdrawal Form together with the voucher, student card and swim gear to the Office of Learn to Swim@JC in person or by post:
    • Address: Unit I, 9/F, MG Tower, 133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong Kowloon.
    • (If by post) Please specify “Withdrawal from Learn to Swim@JC” on the envelope.
  • The above documents and items are non-transferrable and non-saleable to third parties.
  • Swimmers will not be able to apply for and/or participate in any intakes hereafter if you decided to withdraw from Learn to Swim@JC voluntarily.
11. Remarks
  • In case the swimmers decide to absent from the lesson (normal lesson or make-up lesson) without reporting absence in advance when the class is proceeding as usual, NO make-up lesson will be arranged under all circumstances.
F) Attendance Rate
1. How can I check my attendance?
  • Swimmers can input their number of student card / registered email address and registered contact number in the “Parent Zone”, to check their class attendance rate.
G) About Swimming Assessment
1. Why should I take the “Swimming Assessment” (“assessment”)?
  • The assessment can effectively assess the learning level of swimmers in order to understand their swimming progress;
  • Swimmers who have successfully completed the assessment can enroll in “Little Swimmer – Fun Experience” (must also complete the “Little Swimmer – Online Classroom” activities and attendance rate of 80% or above (out of 20 lessons) successfully at the same time). Details will be announced in due course.
2. How do I check the assessment result?
  • Swimmers may input their number of student card and registered contact number to log into the “Parent Zone” (or please click HERE ) to view their assessment result.
  • The assessment result will be uploaded to the website of Learn to Swim@JC within 2 working days after the assessment is completed.
H) Hygiene Practices
1. Any points to note?
  • To protect the swimmers’ health and minimise the risk of “Coronavirus disease 2019” (“COVID-19”) transmission, all swimmers and their parents/ guardians must follow the “Hygiene Practice” established by Learn to Swim@JC. For more details, please click HERE.
  • Learn to Swim@JC may adjust the Project arrangements in response to COVID-19 pandemic and the latest government health measures.
  • The swimming clubs reserve the right to prevent the swimmers who do not follow the guidelines to attend the classes.
I) Other Information
1. Any points to note?
  • Swimmers are recommended to have a thorough health assessment before applying for Learn to Swim@JC. In any case of doubt, please consult a doctor prior to the enrolment.
  • Learn to Swim@JC does not encourage any person to bring any valuable items to attend any activities of Learn to Swim@JC, and in case of any property loss, Learn to Swim@JC will not be held responsible.
  • The photograph, video, or any other record of the swimmers during the classes or any activities taken by Learn to Swim@JC, its agents and the venue sponsor are permitted to use for any lawful purposes, including commercial advertising, without making any payment or compensation to the swimmers or their parents/ guardians.
  • Swimmers and their parents/ guardians must comply with the Terms and Conditions of Learn to Swim@JC, including but not limited to anti-pandemic measures and arrangements.
  • Learn to Swim@JC reserves the right to modify any information at any time without notice; and the right of final interpretation, decision and modification of all relevant courses, activities, and public information.
J) General Inquires
1. What can I do if there is any further question?
  • You may seek assistance via the following channels:
    • Tel: (852)2335 0662
    • Fax: (852)2335 0200
    • Email: learntoswim@hkgswimming.org.hk
    • The office of Learn to Swim@JC:
      • Address: Unit I, 9/F, MG Tower, 133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
      • Office Hour:
        Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
        10:00am to 12:00 noon and
        1:00pm to 5:00pm
      • Bad Weather Arrangement:

        Signal is issued before office hours

        Signal is issued during office hours

        Signal is lowered

        Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 (or higher) or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued:
        Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 (or higher) or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued:
        The Office of Learn to Swim@JC will resume services in 2 hours after the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 (or higher) or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is lowered before 12:00 noon. Otherwise, services will remain suspended for that day in case the warning signal is lowered or cancelled after 12:00 noon.
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