Hygiene Practices

In order to minimise the risk of “COVID-19” spreading and protect all participants (i.e. officials of the swimming clubs, swimmer and their parents / guardians) of Learn to Swim@JC (“Project”), you are required to comply with the Hygiene Practices (“guidelines”) implemented by the Project. The Project will terminate the right to attend the swimming classes of the participants who fail to cooperate immediately.

Changes to existing arrangements may occur in light of new pandemic measures and government directives. Learn to Swim@JC reserves the rights to modify, add, remove and explain any information of the guidelines at any time without notice, latest version would be uploaded to the website of the Project. Participants are required to check periodically for changes.

A. General precautions
  • Measure body temperature regularly. If participants having Fever (Body temperature higher than 37.5°C) or symptoms appears (such as Fever, respiratory symptoms or Sudden Loss of taste or smell), please DO NOT attend the swimming class and should consult the doctor immediately;
  • Any person are prohibited to enter the venue of the swimming classes during compulsory quarantine/home isolation in order to ensure the safety of other participants;Wear the surgical mask correctly;
  • Bring your own drinks or water to avoid using the drinking fountains at the venue;
  • Bring your own towels, water bottles and slippers, participants may also prepare extra surgical masks and personal hygiene products;
  • Do not share your personal belongings with others;
  • Pay attention and strict compliance with the anti-epidemic measures of every venue.In accordance with the Prevention and Control of Disease (Vaccine Pass) Regulation (Cap. 599L) and relevant requirements of administrative instructions, all persons entering or remaining at sports premises or other indoor venues under the management of the LCSD must comply with the requirement of the Vaccine Pass. Details on the latest dosage schedule for the Vaccine Pass issued by the Government can be found at www.coronavirus.gov.hk/pdf/vp_t1_ENG.pdf
  • Participants are required to scan the QR code of the “LeaveHomeSafe” and meet the requirements of anti-epidemic measures when entering or remaining at sports premises.
B. Before the swimming class starts
  • Wear your swimsuit at home before attending the swimming class to avoid gathering in the changing rooms;
  • Participants are advised to allow enough time to complete the body temperature taken, but do not arrive at the swimming pool too early);
  • Avoid staying at crowded places and maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres or above
C. During the swimming classes
  • Participants can take off their surgical masks during the warm-up session or before entering the water, and put the surgical masks into the surgical masks cover properly. Participants are advised not to talk to others after removing their surgical masks;
  • Maintain a social distance of at least 1.5m or above
  • All non-participants are not allowed to enter the swimming lanes and should not stay in the pool area.
D. After the swimming classes
  • Participants should wear their surgical masks and clean their hands with alcohol handrub immediately after getting out from the pool;
  • Parents /guardians should pick up their children immediately and leave the pool area as soon as possible;
  • Participants are advised to take shower at home after swimming classes to avoid staying at the crowded public changing room.
E. Reporting and Processing Confirmed/Close Contact Cases
  • All participants are required to report to the swimming clubs immediately if they are found to be under the following 3 conditions:
    • Being a confirmed case of COVID-19;
    • Being a close contact of a confirmed case with COVID-19; or
    • Being a “person subject to compulsory testing” to receive COVID-19 nucleic acid test under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Compulsory Testing for Certain Persons) Regulation (Cap. 599J) (“Regulation”).
  • Participants of confirmed COVID-19 cases are required report to the relevant swimming clubs and the Department of Health (“DH”) via the following website within 24 hours upon confirmation of obtaining the results.
  • Participants are required to follow the requirements from the Centre for Health Protection (“CHP”) to undergo quarantine/isolation and virus tests, and obtain a negative test result before returning to the swimming classes.
  • All participants subject to compulsory quarantine / isolation are prohibited from leaving the quarantine / isolation places and entering the venue of the swimming classes. Swimming clubs/ the Project should report to the law enforcement officers immediately if they found any participants returned to the venue of the swimming classes, contravening the quarantine / isolation order.
  • For the details of the home isolation, please visit:
  • Since the circumstances of each case are different, Learn to Swim@JC will make different arrangements based on the advices and guidelines from CHP.
  • Learn to Swim@JC will make professional assessment and judgement having regard to the actual situation as appropriate, and will inform all related stakeholders in due course.
  • If participants receive any enquiries (e.g. from the media), please ask them to contact Office of Learn to Swim@JC at 23350669 or email to learntoswim@hkgswimming.org.hk Please do not reply directly.
  • For the Guidance Flow Chart for ”COVID-19”, please click HERE.
F. Other hygienic measures
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