Notes to Parents

All participants (swimmers and their parents/guardians) please read carefully and comply with the “Notes to Parents” established by Learn to Swim@JC (“Project”) before attending swimming classes under this Project.

  1. Successful applicants (“swimmer”) will receive 2 vouchers, 1 student identity card and 1 set of swim gear (including one set of swimsuit, one swim cap, one pair of goggles and one waterproof bag) after the results of admission are announced. Swimmers can use two vouchers to enroll in 2 swimming classes for free which are posted on the website of Learn to Swim@JC, the use of vouchers is in no particular order.
  2. Vouchers can only be used within the validity period which will be shown on the voucher and it will be invalid after the expiry date.
  3. Please keep the voucher carefully and properly. It will not be re-issued under any circumstances.
  4. Swimmers cannot swap classes with others or allow others to attend the class on his/her behalf. If a swimmer is found to have violated this clause, his/her right to participate in the Project will be terminated.
  5. On the day of the first lesson of each class, swimmers must submit the original copy of the voucher to the relevant swimming club. Both parties are required to sign to confirm the handover of the voucher.
  6. Swimming classes under Learn to Swim@JC are totally free (including entrance fee), no extra fee will be charged. (except for Clause 11)
  7. Swimmers must wear the swimsuit, goggles and swim cap provided by Learn to Swim@JC. Swimmers may be refused to participate in the lesson if they have not worn the swim gear and no makeup class will be provided.
  8. Swimmers are required to present their valid student cards to the swimming club every time upon their arrival in order to record their identity / attendance through scanning the QR code on the student card. Otherwise, the club reserves the right to refuse swimmers to participate in the lesson.
  9. Please arrive the venue’s meet up point 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the lesson. (Swimming clubs will confirm the meet up location and time for each class).
  10. Parents/guardians are responsible for escorting and picking up swimmers on their own.
  11. Please arrive at the class venue on time, no make-up time will be arranged for late swimmers. Late swimmers attending classes that take place in LCSD swimming pools will need to pay the entrance fee and head to the swimming class venue by themselves.
  12. During classes, swimmers should respect and comply with the instruction and guidance from coaches, staffs of swimming clubs and the venue. Do not leave or enter the water on your own without permission; if the swimmer feel discomfort, inform the coaches or swimming club staffs immediately to avoid any kind of accident.
  13. In order to avoid swimmers from vomiting during classes, empty stomach or eating too full are both not suitable for swimming. If swimmers feel discomfort, inform and seek help from coaches, staffs of swimming club and the venue immediately. If coaches observe any swimmer’s health condition that is not suitable to attend swimming classes, coaches reserve the right to stop swimmer from classes for safety and take reasonable arrangement.
  14. Learn to Swim@JC does not encourage any person to bring any valuable items to attend any activities of Learn to Swim@JC, and in case of any property loss, Learn to Swim@JC will not be held responsible.
  15. All swimmers that attend swimming classes in a pool under LCSD, must follow coaches or staffs of swimming club directions to leave the swimming pool after class. If the swimmer wants to continue swimming in the same pool, they need to pay for their own entrance fee and accompany by their parents/guardians after the class dismissed. (Only apply to swimmers taking classes in LCSD swimming pools, and also depends on whether that time slot of the pool open to public or not.)
  16. All participants (including but not limited to swimmers, parents/guardians) cannot use any subsidiary facilities of the private clubhouse or school apart from the swimming pool for concerned swimming class. (Unless it is open to public or staffs of the venue agree the facilities can be used or participants fulfill the eligibility of using certain facilities)
  17. If accident occurred outside the swimming pool area or outside class period and lead to any kind of injury or discomfort, Learn to Swim@JC and related swimming club will not be held responsible.
  18. All non-swimmers of the Learn to Swim@JC swimming class must not enter the designated swimming lane, and should avoid staying in the poolside area.
  19. Due to any kind of venue arrangement or unforeseeable situation, Learn to Swim@JC have the right to amend or cancel class time or venue according to the situation.
  20. Learn to Swim@JC and its agents have the right to take photograph, video or any other record of the participants during the classes or any other activities under the Project and to use for any lawful purposes, including promotion or commercial advertising.
  21. Swimmers and their parents/guardians must comply with the Terms and Conditions of Learn to Swim@JC, including but not limited to anti-pandemic measures and arrangements;At the same time, Learn to Swim@JC may be altered in response to the situation of COVID-19 or the government anti-epidemic measures. Learn to Swim@JC have the right of the final decision. Participants have no right for argument.
  22. Learn to Swim@JC have the right to modify any information at any time without notice; and the right of final interpretation, decision and modification of all relevant courses, activities, and public information. If there are any controversy, Learn to Swim@JC have the right to explain, decide and modify all things about the classes of the Project, events and public materials.
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